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Why QR Codes?
Quick Response or QR codes are one of the most interesting and interactive marketing methods to appear in the last few years. They provide a smart and simple way for you to combine traditional and digital marketing – allowing your customers to engage with you offline and instantly find out more information online.

QR codes can be displayed on printed media or promotional items and link to mobile web pages with content such as vouchers and competition details to product information and Facebook pages, even a mobile survey.

Introducing pbSmart Codes
pbSmart Codes is a simple and inexpensive cloud-based tool that gives you everything you need to run a professional and strategic QR code marketing campaign.

qr code examples Generate Custom QR codes
  • Generate and download QR codes to display on email, direct mail or other print media that customers can scan with their smartphone.
  • Create branded QR codes with your company logo or image to support your company’s branding.
  • You can customise a predesigned template or follow simple steps to create your own.
  • Link customers to an email address, phone number, vCard, website, YouTube video, Facebook or Twitter profile.
  • Choose from a variety of printed media or promotional items to display your QR code on.

Special Introductory Offer

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Then pay from as little as £2.99 plus VAT per month. There are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Scalable Pricing plans are available to meet the needs of every size of business.

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What’s included in the Trial?
  • Design a customised QR code.
  • Create a mobile web page.
  • Track real-time results.
Mobile Web Pagesmobile landing page examples
  • Step-by-step guide to designing and customising formatted mobile web pages.
  • Choose colours, graphics and logos that promote your business.
  • Include links to your website, phone, email, Facebook, or Twitter to make it easy to contact you.
  • Showcase a video on YouTube offer vouchers
  • Link a short mobile survey to get your customers feedback.
  • Create new business leads by capturing email addresses.
Track and Analyse ResultsReporting & Analytics
  • Measure your campaigns success with real-time reports that count clicks from your QR code .campaign or record how customers responded to a mobile survey.
  • Download captured email addresses to use in email marketing campaigns.

Who should take advantage?

Painters & Decorators Accountants Restaurant Owners Estate Agents Florists

Solicitors Bakers Hairdressers Mechanics